Thursday, September 11, 2003

The Wedding Anniversary

Just a short posting this a.m., as I'm off to the dentist. Will try to come up with something more this afternoon.

September 11th today, and a melancholy day, as one might expect. My wedding anniversary happens to be September 11th, and the attack on the WTC happened to coincide with my second one. That night we felt like we couldn't let our anniversary go by without at least a dinner out, so we went to what is usually a very crowded fish restaurant here in San Jose, and sat in what seemed like an empty cave with one or two other couples, dining quietly and sadly, in celebration of our wedding.

I am a bit too young to remember in great detail the death of President Kennedy, but my whole life, persons slightly older than myself have used that as a signpost of their life. "Where were you when you heard that President Kennedy was shot?", they ask of each other. I do clearly remember as a 9 year old child, watching the California primary coverage on TV when Bobby was shot. I remember Rosie Greer tackling Sirhan Sirhan, and am certain that it is not the archive footage that is imprinted in my mind, but the actual broadcast that I saw live at that very moment.

Where we were when we heard that the towers had been attacked and what we did that day will also be one of those indelible signposts in our lives. Where you can see it in your minds eye as if it happened yesterday. Those events are gratefully few. So that is why my wedding anniversary will always have a melancholy twinge.


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