Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Rocky 2004

David Talbot at Salon compares Al Franken and Howard Dean to Rocky today. Really... click here.

Coincidentally, a good friend of Futurballa's sent me a link to Dean's website today. I haven't really picked my candidate yet and see good things in Dean, Kerry, and am still intrigued by a possible Clark entry into the race. But the more I see of Dean with his staunch antiwar stance and his moderate to progressive stance in other areas, I like what I see. But what is beginning to catch my attention the most is that he seems to be the candidate that scares the Republicans the most.

The Republicans and by extension the Administration are very good at playing a game of misdirection. They smirkingly praise and welcome the candidacies of unelectable persons like Al Sharpton, while they deride as unelectable those candidates that are the biggest threat. Dean has been drawing the most fire, and if he can withstand the heat and emerge stronger, he just might be the guy to take on Bush next year.

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