Friday, September 05, 2003

Friday Roundup

At Salon is an interview with Garry Trudeau about the Masturbation strip.

And Boehlart on Clark.

At Slate, Will Saletan summarizes the Democratic Debate from last night. I was very disappointed to see that it was not broadcast live here on the west coast, but shown at midnight on PBS. Well past Futurballa's bedtime.

Also at Slate, Chris Sullentrop has his take on the Debate. This graf caught my eye.

The buzz among the press corps before the debate is that John Kerry is finally going to go toe to toe with Dean, in an attempt to close the double-digit lead that the former Vermont governor has opened over Kerry in New Hampshire. But it's wallflower Joe Lieberman who pummels Dean instead. Rocky showed up to fight Apollo Creed, but somehow he ended up in the ring with Paulie.

Don't miss the great Molly Ivins as she confronts the administration with their own words. Click here.

Away from politics, Freidrich Blowhard goes Lileks on us with a nice piece on boys and tools.

The real James Lileks has some suggestions for Sony, and some amusing comments about Macworld (a publication that Futurballa also enjoys).

The mailbox was full of magazines today - Macworld, always welcome. I've been subscribing to it since 1989 or so, and occasionally I wonder: what did they put in the mags in those early years? No internet, no video, no digital photography - all they had was Freehand vs. Illustrator pt. 34, or Laser Printer Shootout - which of these $19,000 printers should you buy? The motto should have been: Macworld, the magazine for people who put out Macworld.

Read it here.

Terry Teachout at About Last Night whets our appetite for a Criterion release of Jean Renoir's Rules of the Game next year.


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