Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Don't Read This

Chum George at A Fool in the Forest comments on Aaron Haspel's What Not to Read posting, and quotes this graph...

"The biggest spread on Wall Street is reputed to be between your current job and your next one. The biggest spread in the universe, mothers, is between your own and everyone else's interest in the doings of your precious darling. As for the Father of all Mother Bloggers, am I the only one who skips the Gnat parts?"

Now perhaps it is the fact that I enjoy Lileks writing style but tend to disagree with his politics, but I must admit, while I would never read most "mother bloggers", I do read this "father blogger".

Yes, Futurballa is a Gnat reader!

Oh the shame, the shame.

And by the way, I agree with Aaron that Lilexia is a perfect term for this malady. But we also need a term for excessive Frank Lloyd Wright blogging. Wrightism perhaps?

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