Monday, September 08, 2003

Sleep Well, Warren

Warren Zevon died Sunday at the end of 56. As regular Futurballa readers will note, I've mentioned Zevon a number of times and the fact that he was living with lung cancer while finishing, and releasing a final Album, The Wind.

Zevon was the Hunter Thompson of Rock, moving from gonzo humor like Werewolves of London, Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner, and Lawyers, Guns and Money, to the poignancy of songs like Hasten Down the Wind and Carmelita.

You can read the AP obit here.
And the Geoff Boucher's piece from the LA Times (via can be read here.

Zevon was able to see the birth of his twin grandchildren and the release of his critically acclaimed final album. He once wrote "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead", all I can say is sleep well. I and my compatriots will drink a Pina Colada in his honor.

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