Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting

There seems to be a glut of Kung Fu and martial arts films right now, whether it is still a continuing response to Crouching Tiger or it is getting on the Tarantino bandwagon ahead of the release of the much awaited Kill Bill, or a last ditch attempt to get some Matrix mojo, Futurballa does not know. But right now you have:

Kill Bill
Shaolin Soccer
The Medallion
The Last Samurai
Matrix Revolutions
So Close

Maybe it's me, but this seems like a fairly large number of mainstream releases at one time.

I actually like martial arts films. The mix of grace and action and humor and the absolute suspension of disbelief required, usually make for a fun time. Not undiscriminating though so won't be in line for Shaolin Soccer or the Medallion, but the rest look like they might be worth seeing.

But when are they going to release my favorite Kung Fu movie of all time on DVD? The Silent Flute (AKA Circle of Iron)

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