Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Here and There

First of all, get thee to Salon this morning and either subscibe or get a day pass. It is one of those days that Salon is known for, when intriguing subject matter and good prose intersect. I'll make a couple of recomendations to visit while you are there.

The lead article, Bad Moon on the Rise, is a scary read on the power being exerted by the Moonie Unification Church and their ties to conservative politicians, religious leaders and the Bush administration.

The always excellent Eric Boehlart takes on Bush's trip to the UN.

I hardly need to mention that Joe Conason's Journal is a must read, as he is virtually every day, but it's a good one today. He leads with a point that I am in total agreement with, "Weary of providing free entertainment to the world, Californians of all persuasions seem relieved at the 9th Circuit's decision to let the recall election go forward as scheduled. At least it will be over soon, they reason. (Perhaps even the American Civil Liberties Union lawyers who brought the challenge secretly feel that way.)"

Robert Scheer contributes his take on Arnold's soccer mom problem.

And finally at Salon, Andrew Leonard has an early review of Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver, which has been mentioned in this space numerous times, and is availble today. (This futurist is heading over to Amazon as soon as he is done blogging).

Over at Slate, Tim Noah concludes his 2 part piece on why the Republicans are so enamoured with a potential Hillary run in '04.

Josh Marshall in his Hill column compares the Bush administration to Nomad or V'ger, take your pick.

Via Crooked Timber we find that Neal Stephenson has set up a wiki site for Quicksilver. How geeky can you get? Gotta love it.

Congrats to the A's for clinching the AL West last night, and joining my Giants as division champs. Can a futurist dream of a bay bridge series?

And don't forget, tonights the night of the big debate. Should be fun.

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