Tuesday, September 16, 2003

The Choir will be heard from

One more note in this ongoing discussion between myself and Monsieur Fool. First of all, thanks to him for linking to this posting from Electionlaw Blog, it seems that he who lives by Bush v. Gore, dies by Bush v. Gore.

The other thing that I wanted to toss in the pot, that is yet to be answered in this, and probably won't be answered until any appeals have been granted or rejected by the 9th and the Supremes, is what will this cost? While signatures were still being collected one of the main objections I had to the recall was that why spend 60 or 70 million dollars when our state is already strapped for cash on a recall election that might result in a) no change in government or b) Davis to be replaced but the reasons the State is a mess turn out to be beyond the control of the governor's office and we see no benefit from replacing Davis. Of course, when the recall was approved that argument became moot, but now that the recall may be delayed I would like to know what additional costs will be incurred in reprinting and remailing voter information and absentee ballots?

The rest of this discussion can be read here, here and here.

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