Thursday, September 18, 2003

Home Sick

The dreaded bug that has been going around my office has caught up to me. So I'm spending the day Working From Home, or WTH as we call it. We have acronyms for everything where I work. OOTO - Out of the Office. GFTD - Gone for the day. And the ever popular PTO, Personal Time Off, just to name a few.

You do get to discover some interesting things when you are sick. Like, did you know that SciFi channel reruns old Dark Shadows episodes in the mornings? I used to rush home from Hebrew School to watch Dark Shadows. Being sick always makes me feel like a kid. So I guess my inner child is 12 today.

But alas, I'm trying to get some work done, without infecting my coworkers, so off with the TV and back to emails.


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