Tuesday, September 16, 2003

In which Futurballa answers his own question

Via Daniel Weintraub's California Insider Blog, we link to this Sac Bee article which answers a couple of questions posed here and elsewhere.

First of all in answer to my question of will delaying the recall simply add to the bill that the taxpayers are footing for this circus, the Bee says, "Monday's court ruling postponing the Oct. 7 recall vote left elections officials confused and frustrated as they suggested they may have to throw away tens of thousands of absentee ballots already cast by voters.

"Barring a legal decision that restores the Oct. 7 election date, voting officials said they likely will end up throwing away the thousands of absentee ballots that already have been returned by voters."

And in reference to the suggestion posted by George Wallace, in which some of the untenable candidates might take this chance to withdraw their names from the ballot so as to alleviate the chaos, the Bee has this to say, "Election experts also said they believed the counties, which are spending an estimated $70 million preparing for the October vote, will have to prepare new ballots for a March vote and would have to include the names of all candidates who have qualified, even if they did not want to be listed.

"So, for instance, Republicans Bill Simon and Peter Ueberroth, who both are on the ballot but have scrapped their campaigns, would still be listed in a March ballot, experts said."

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