Monday, September 15, 2003

A Little bit of Politix

Cheney's performance on Meet The Press yesterday, and some of the more than questionable statements made therein are all over the political blogosphere this morning, but Josh Marshall does his usual excellent job of dissecting his appearance here.

Calpundit also has some related postings, in particular of Cheney here. And more general of the administrations "forthrightness" (read honesty) here.

And Kevin has another excellent piece on religion in American and why liberals should pick their battles here. I tend to agree with him in his basic premise of "don't sweat the little stuff, but some things are worth fighting for" thesis. As a member of a minority religion, I am very sensitive to having Christianity stuffed down my throat by the majority, but things like the Pledge controversy or "In God We Trust", seem pretty innocuous and are not going to lead to a theocracy, or at least haven't up until now.

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