Thursday, November 13, 2003

You've Lost That Loving Feeling

It's been several days, but I forgot to mention the passing of Bobby Hatfield, half of the blue eyed soul band of the Sixties, The Righteous Brothers.

Yes, they did soul with a face that white America could accept, just like when Pat Boone sang Little Richard songs, but the difference was that these guys had a voice and a sound that crossed racial lines.

They are a bit before my time, but I have an older sister who was a big fan of theirs ever since she saw them warm up for The Beatles in the early sixties (either San Francisco or Vegas, not certain). So I heard them a lot growing up.

Bill Medley spoke at Hatfield's funeral yesterday. He said, "I'm going to miss our two-part harmony. I'm going to miss our rock and roll. I'm going to miss looking to my right on stage and seeing my friend." Addressing Hatfield, he added, "I want you to rest as well as you lived."

The CNN article can be read here.

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