Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Poetry Shmoetry

Knowing shamefully little (in fact not knowing jack) about poetry, I would not even entertain the notion of joining in the fray of the battle of Oz(ymandias) lovers and haters. I read it in High School, liked it then, and that's about it. But I have enjoyed following this string between George Wallace (whose hiphop Ozymandias I linked to previously), Aaron Haspel and Mika Cooper. Since George has given me a peripheral mention in reference to another Ozymandias modernization by Howard Nemerov, who is the brother of someone I know a little bit about (or slightly more than the above mentioned jack), Diane Arbus.

I so enjoyed this more beat interpretation of the classic that I thought it must be linked to.

And with that, I go gentle into that good night.

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