Saturday, November 15, 2003

Not a Heather

I'm still in San Jose, and was making my daily blog rounds in between running some errands and came across Terry Teachout's defense of the blogosphere.

I must chime in. As a new kid on the blogging block, relatively speaking, I can say that there are a few established bloggers, and even mainstream media types, like Terry, who will blogroll a new guy, or give him a mention as Aaron Haspel has been so kind to do for yours truly. And there's NZ Bear who gives newbies a chance to promote themselves through the New Blog Showcase.

All in all, with few exceptions, the blogosphere is a pretty friendly place where even unknowns like myself can get a link or a blogroll, if he even occasionally has something interesting to share. The trick is to join in, dive into the deep end, comment on what others write, be willing to share your opinions. Sometimes you may get criticized for a posting and even occasionally flamed, but that is part of the game, and really the goal of blogging is just to get a bit of oxygen for your thoughts and ideas.

And as Terry said, "Above all, blogging is fun."

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