Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Don't Mess Around With Bill

As my regular readers might have noticed, the Al Franken, Fox News, Bill O'Reilly dustups have been a bit of a pet project here at Futurballa. Last evening, I saw something that has a peripheral relationship that kind of made me do a double take. Fox's O'Reilly, on the Spin Zone show, began to do one of his regular, boy has our justice system gone awry and look at the librul judges, shows. The story was about a judge who blocked an FBI sting operation against child pornographer because the FBI had overreached in some way.

Of course we won't know the way that the FBI over reached, because O'Really's guests included a retired FBI agent who had not been involved in this operation for over a year and Chuck Norris, who was there to pimp some family friendly internet service provider, but who appeared to have absolutely nothing to offer in terms of the case at hand. There was no legal expert or professor of constitutional law who could shed some light on why the judge might have found that this particular operation violated the constitutional rights of its targets.

What was interesting about this little story is who the judge was. The judge in question was one Denny Chin, who happens to be the same jurist who threw out the Fox copyright infringement lawsuit against Al Franken as being totally without merit. Is this a warning to judges throughout America? Don't mess with Fox or you might be the target of a Spin Factor report! I knew Bill was thin skinned, but this seems to be just plain vindictive.

Sorry no links, O'Really hasn't posted this story yet on the Fox website.

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