Friday, November 07, 2003

I Link to a Fool

I just noticed that my Google ad banner on Futurballa Blog has a link to a site called, which features true stories from the workplace. Oddly enough I don't work with fools (in general), and have never written on the subject. So it must be a case of mistaken identity, because quite often, I link to a Fool.

....and elsewhere

Kevin Drum wonders if Arnold is hiring investigators to look into his past groping behavior, couldn't they pool resources with OJ's investigators?

And remember those new neologisms I linked to from Atrios? Well one of my LOL compatriots has brought to my attention that some fine person has created a whole dictionary of them.

Might be another light day beyond this short missive. Planning a field trip that, if all goes as expected, should produce some blogging grist for this blogger's mill.

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