Tuesday, November 25, 2003


Excellent Krugman in the NYT. Puts the whole question of "who's angry?" in perspective.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Herr Gropenfuher's spending cuts may not be so compassionate, "Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger presented lawmakers Monday with nearly $2 billion in midyear spending cuts aimed primarily at social programs, including payments to doctors who care for the poor and recreational programs for developmentally disabled children."

And that 2 bil should just about cover half of the repeal of the car tax. Watch this space!

In the Denver Post, Walter Cronkite offers an op-ed on Bush's penchant for unilaterlism.

Away from Politics, Terry Teachout has finally posted his review of The Looney Tunes Golden Collection, to which I added my two cent here. Terry likes it. I agree with him!. Read his blog posting here and the complete WSJ review here.

See you!

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