Monday, November 03, 2003

Scanning for you

Spent a good part of Sunday scanning negatives from my recent trip to LA (read about it here) and hope to have an update to Futurballa Photography soon. There are some interesting shots of the Bradbury Building in downtown LA and a bit of street photography in my old shtetl. Still have a roll or two from old town Pasadena to digitize and after spending a bit of time updating some software, time ran out.

Keep your eyes peeled.

Other matters...

I noticed this morning that the ecosystem has moved to a unique links method for ranking. Since joining the League of Liberals, I had skyrocketed to undeserved and lofty status in the blogging ecosystem. Today, I'm back to a more realistic Flappy Bird level. Kudos to the Bear for discouraging the playing of the system.

Normally, I would never link to this "news" outlet, but the link comes via Buzzflash, and one wonders, if true, could this be Tweety's swan song?

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