Monday, July 19, 2004

The Lotus Eaters

Weekend viewing was a bit limited by other committments, but I managed to see Bernardo Bertolucci's The Dreamers, and enjoyed it immensely.

It is a bit of an anocronysm in movie-making. In some ways an homage to classic European cinema of the Sixties, and a commentary on the same. Reminiscent of Bertolucci's own Last Tango in Paris, and with hints of Bunuel, Godard and Truffaut. The age old argument of Keaton vs. Chaplin is fought out with appropriate passion, and documentary footage and film clips are seamlessly interspersed.

In addition to the cinephile kool-aid, there is an intriguing story of a young American abroad who becomes (sexually) entangled with a pair of French twins. The story had the feel of an Isherwood tale, though more graphic in its sexuality and updated from between the wars to the Sixties.

The Soundtrack was also excellent.

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