Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Futurballa's Very Own Index

Yes the FVOI. A good gimmick usually has legs, so I will put up some of my personal cultural indicators. Column "A" being my personal preference.

1. Marx Brothers or Three Stooges
2. Eno or Ferry
3. Italian Futurism or Russian Futurism
4. Grateful Dead or Phish
5. Edward Weston or Ansel Adams
6. Errol Flynn or Clark Gable
7. Canon or Nikon
8. William Gibson or Neal Stephenson
9. Salon or Slate
10. Godfather 1 or Godfather 2
11. Roadtrips or Flying
12. Trivial Pursuit or Scrabble
13. Nimoy or Shatner
14. Netflix or Blockbuster
15. Beatles or Stones
16. Baseball or Football
17. Lakers or Kings
18. Star Trek or Star Wars
19. Man Ray or Dali
20. Luis Bunuel or Jean Renoir
21. Gilligan or The Skipper
22. Raymond Chandler or James M. Cain
23. Asian Food or Mexican Food (this one is close)
24. San Francisco or Los Angeles
25. Coast or Mountains

Being only about one quarter the culture maven that Terry is, and having real work to do, I will stop there.

Feel free to play along.

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