Thursday, July 29, 2004

But What Does Arlo Think?

As linked previously on this blog, the This Land parody at has taken the world by storm. Both Left (here) and Right (there) have embraced it as 'good humor'. But not all lawyers have a sense of humor, and the age old tradition of song parody is wasted on them.

Where have you gone Alan Sherman?

Or in Guthrie's own (alleged) words...
"This song is copyrighted in U.S., under Seal of Copyright #154085, for a period of 28 years, and anybody caught singin it without our permission, will be mighty good friends of ourn, cause we don't give a dern. Publish it. Write it. Sing it. Swing to it. Yodel it. We wrote it, that's all we wanted to do."
Read:This Song Is Our Song.

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