Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Cuts Like a Knife

Normally I shoot 35mm transparencies, mostly Ektachrome, and scan using a Minolta slide scanner, and then retouch in Photoshop, lastly printing on an Epson 2200. I plan to purchase a digital SLR shortly, but am waiting for Photokina in September to see if Canon makes any new announcements. More than you needed to know.

Not having space for a darkroom, I occasionally take classes at a local junior college, mainly to have access to the schools darkroom facilities. But also I often find being given assignments forces me to attempt subjects and styles that are outside my normal tendencies. My typical subjects are landscape or urban/architectural, but having to do an abstraction or a still life can be an interesting challenge.

Now to digress a bit... I, as I suspect many of you, am not just obsessed with my blogs referrer logs, but will, on occasion, Google my own name. Ego, curiosity, or slacking. All of the above, perhaps.

Yesterday I came across one of my pieces that my college instuctor had posted on the student gallery. Always nice to have someone appreciate your work.


  1. Anonymous3:54 AM

    Think that could give you some Search Engine popularity, and traffic???

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    "powerline blog" is what I used to find your blog on google

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