Monday, December 29, 2003

Monday Housecleaning

The ultra-observant among you (and I don't mean Hassids) will note that I've done a bit of house cleaning on the old blogrolls and added some Amazon recommendation links. I know postings been a bit sporadic over the holidays, so may I suggest you click some of the Sites to Visit.

A few notables...
For culture, may I suggest, God of the Machine, 2 Blowhards, and Terry Teachout and Our Girl in Chicago. AC Douglas also has a nice archived post that he is featuring today on the Harry Potter books. For politics Escahton, Josh Marshall and Calpundit. And for a bit of everything, my dear friend at Fool in the Forest.

Couple of upcoming events... Planning a photo excursion later this week to walk in the footsteps of Adams and Weston in Monterey County. Hopefully to produce some photoblogging and maybe a gallery. And MacWorld SF is coming up.

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