Tuesday, December 16, 2003


Over at Slate, Tim Noah laments the need for an Office for Rhetorical Competence.

For you wine lovers among you (and you know who you are), Mike Steinberger, also at Slate, has a very entertaining piece on why haut cuisine and fine wine are heading for a divorce. Favorite quote, "What exactly do you pair with Adria's coconut ravioli in soy sauce or his Parmesan cheese ice cream sandwich? Hawaiian Punch and Yoo-hoo spring to mind. Haut Brion does not." Read the rest here.

Via Joe Conason, this NRO editorial from David Frum. You know I thought that he was on a mission from God, but I just wasn't sure. Thanks Dave for clearing that up. Guess Bush is the third Blues Brother.

Kevin Drum describes what happens when bloggers congregate. And we learn that Atrios is a pretty centrist guy. I think Kevin is fairly accurate in his assessment that most lefty bloggers are pretty centrist and most righties tend more libertarian than conservative.

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