Friday, December 05, 2003

Fear and Loathing

Mickey Kaus often seems to me to be one small step from stepping over the edge into Christopher Hitchen's world, who along with Chris Matthews and Zell Miller, give the name Democrat new meaning. (And that new meaning is Republican). The Mickster can be a reflexive contrarian who would rather bash the Clintons and Dean, while he praises the Gropenfuhrer and the Boy King.

But today I have to give full points to Kaus, if only for literary references. In a piece on why Kerry should drop out of the race he offers this...

"But what can Kerry say that isn't even more humiliating than seeing it through? "I realize my wife Teresa needs me more than my country needs me"? That won't cut it. "I've decided to take time out to learn the Web so I can compete in future campaigns" and "I'm entering rehab at an undisclosed location to recover from my vicious Ibogaine habit. I make no excuses" are too trendy. ..."

For those of you who may not be fans of the Good Doctor, here (via Amazon's inside the book search) are the salient passages.

You can read Kaus' permalink free entry here.


[UPDATE:] Eric Alterman gives a more thoughtful and ulitmately useful appraisal of John Kerry. Here.

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