Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Stop, I can't keep up

Not much on my mind this morning, so just an around the web roundup of my early morning reading.

I thought I was on top of the news yesterday when I linked to an early article on the Terrorist Policy Analyst Market, but before the morning was out, the Pentagon had backed off of the idea. This morning on Salon, Joe Conason has an excellent take on the whole fiasco. What are these people smoking?

Also on Salon, Charles Taylor starts his review of the Jen and Ben pic, Gigli with this.

"As is often the case with movies that have poisonous advance word of mouth, "Gigli" turns out to be merely bad -- not a train wreck, not the crime against humanity it's been rumored to be. That, and the fact that it's fashionable to hate Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez right now, will probably do nothing to discourage the predictable pig pile of critics trying to outdo each other by seeing who can be the most dismissive or scathing. After all, nobody wants to look like the class nerd. "

I wonder if the ...fashionable to hate Jen and Ben meme will spill over to Kevin Smith's much awaited "Jersey Girl". Hope not. As an ardent Kevin Smith fan, and lover of fart jokes, I like to see him succeed. And besides, I have to admit to being somewhat shizophrenic when it comes to Affleck. Not a big fan of his usual Hollywood stuff, but always enjoy him in the viewaskewniverse. It is kind of like Bizzarro Superman. (And following this tangent, here is a very nice history of the Bizzarro World.)

MoDo in the NYT has an excellent editorial this morning on Iraq. It amazes me that someone that I could not stand in her attitude towards Clinton has come out so strongly as a Bush critic. Especially considering she was a fan of his father.

Did you really expect them to find Nessie? Or is it a cover up? You decide.

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