Friday, July 25, 2003

Playing with the band

What a way to start the morning. Both Slate and Salon feature major articles on the Ann Coulter. Salon, a softball interview that proceeds to tell us nothing except that we should consider reevaluating our tastes in music (seems Ann likes the Dead). Slate does a better job of raking her over the coals.

By the way, just kidding about reconsidering The Grateful Dead, some things are more important than politics.

And talking about the Dead... Their version of "It's all over now, Baby Blue" appears on the Masked and Anonymous CD, which I picked up yesterday. I love this CD. There is some really fine Dylan work, including a surprisingly rousing rendition of "Dixie", of all things. But the high points for me, were some eccletic reworkings of classic Dylan songs. Highly recommend giving this one a spin.

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