Thursday, July 31, 2003

Odds and Todds

A few months ago I came across the phenomenon of Photoblogging in an article on Slate, which is archived here. As a photographer myself it is something I'd like to do, but having a full time job, this little project consumes enough of my time as it is. Some of the photobloggers are using the sort of cameras that connect to your cell phone, which these days can take and send a 640 x 480 image, which ain't too shabby, doing a sort of street photography blogging, transmitting right from the phone to a server. There are some others that are doing some higher end work. One that was featured in that Slate article that particularly impressed me was Todd Gross, whose work can be seen at his blog,

On one of those unrelated, stream of consciousness tangents that I am getting to be so famous for check out This Todd is a laid off dotcommer who turned his misfortune into humor. He has put together some primitive, but hilarious flash animations. The cartoons link will take you to the complete library, and there are a bunch, all about his life as a slacker. His latest is a Matrix parody in which he asks the question, "I'm the One... The one what?"

You can also leave Todd a dollar or buy his book. Elf up!

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