Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Bravo Futurismo

This is the inaugural post for futurballa.

My interests extend to politics, photography, film, art, graphics, computers and the list goes on. Don't plan on getting your politics or culture fix here, but instead a pot pourri of any and all of the above.

My personal website where my own work can be viewed is at .

So on to the business of blogging... I have to give credit where credit is due. I've certainly been inspired to get into the blogging world by the work of my dear friend George, who has blazed a path into the blogosphere with his blog at A Fool in the Forest . Though leaning more to the right than myself, George always has a good take on the political scene and his tastes in art and culture are wide ranging and always of interest.

Recently I netflixed , a new verb I'm trying to bring into common usage, Carol Reed's, The Third Man with Joe Cotton and Orson Welles in a true star turn as Harry Lime. The DVD contains a worth watching introduction by Peter Bogdanivich which contains the story of how wells told him the definition of a "star turn". Worth viewing just for Bogdanivich's Welles impersonation. According to Bogdanivich, Welles said that he did not try to influence Reed's direction of the film, but if he didn't than Reed was certainly a fan of Kane and had studied Welles. The film is chock full of some of the most Wellesian camera angles and it defines film noir. All that and a screenplay by Graham Greene.

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