Thursday, April 08, 2004

Smells Like Sonic Youth

I kind of missed out on grunge. I was living in Holland when Nirvana came around and didn't even hear of grunge until it was already passe.

Later, I discovered Nevermind and Unplugged in New York and loved them. I've never been a gigantic Nirvana fan, but have grown to respect their work. I'm especially fond of the unplugged version of Bowie's "The Man Who Sold the World", and their cover of The Vaselines "Jesus Don't Want Me For A Sunbeam".

Writing in the New York Times today Thurston Moore, of the Post-Punk band Sonic Youth, pays tribute to Kurt Cobain in a thoughtful piece that does a good job of putting Kurt, the band, and grunge in context.

Read it here.

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