Thursday, April 15, 2004


At Wired News, an interview with author Neal Stephenson. I had a hard time getting through Quicksilver and will probably give a pass on the rest of the Baroque Cycle, but I've enjoyed his work in the past and he is a very interesting guy.

The Best of Baseball Blogs can be found via an article at Slate. To find your favorite team, is the place to go. And there are no less than 10 blogs for my Giants.

Singer, poet, photographer, Patti Smith has a new website, a new label and a new album. Check it out.

I (shame, shame, snik, snik) admit to being hooked on American Idol. My daughter got us started watching it and we can't stop. Last night's episode featured guest judge Quentin Tarantino. Sounds odd, but he claims to be a fan too. has some ongoing reviews and commentary, so I'm obviously not the only one to get Idol fever. But if you really want to enjoy snarky commentary on Idol or any of your favorite reality shows or teen dramas, the place to be is Television Without Pity. Home of the snark.

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