Monday, March 22, 2004

Random Thoughts

This is just kind of ironic, don't you think. He is risen, indeed.

Last night's The Simpsons featured a throwaway joke about Moe the bartender wiping up a spill with a lost Shakespeare play. It was The Two Noble Kinsmen. I have a peripheral connection to that play, but this blogger has a more than peripheral relationship. Perhaps he will expound.

I watched The Day the Earth Stood Still over the weekend. One thing that struck me was the scene in which two military doctors are discussing how Klaatu's advanced medical knowledge makes them feel like witch doctors, as they both light up a cigarette. My question is was this ironic back in 1951?

Starting with Terry Teachout's comments on Keaton vs. Chaplin, it is becoming the thing to comment on how un-funny the Little Tramp was (Aaron Haspel and George Hunka comment). I haven't watched much Chaplin since I was a child. I enjoyed him then, but will agree that what little I have seen in recent years has not particularly made me laugh. But honestly, I am not a big fan of Silent comedy in general. Terry poses the "two kinds of people" question in the Chaplin/Keaton debate. I'd update it slightly to talkies and ask the question of intellectual humor vs. slapstick in the Marx Brothers/Three Stooges dichotomy. My preference has always been the Marx Brothers over The Stooges, which puts me firmly in the camp of witty dialog over slapstick.

Representing the satiric wing of the Democratic Party. The New York Times has a lengthy profile of Al Franken. [Link via Kevin Drum]

Also via Terry Teachout, find out which classic novel you belong in. I will join Terry in The Picture of Dorian Gray.

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