Monday, March 01, 2004

Love the Trilogy? Reward the Installment!

Rating the Oscars is a bit of a standard blog practice (sbp) this morning, but I'll chime in with the Futurballa Meter. Billy Crystal has been better, but he was better than any alternative. Mitch and Mickey should have won. Glad to see LOTR so well rewarded, it was a truly magnificent achievement, but instead of virtually ignoring the first two, the academy chose to reward the entire trilogy by over-praising the third installment.

All in all a rather dull night of over long, dull acceptance speeches thanking attorneys (gads), agents, and New Zealander technicians. No real surprises. The only hotly contested category, best actor, went to the serious emotional performance, Sean Penn, instead of the dry, career defining performance, Bill Murray.

I actually like Rennee Zellweiger as an actress, but God help us from her being allowed to make a speech ever again.

And a note to Brian Micklethwait, who writes, " favorite (properly prepared I mean) performance was just Jack Black and a Very Tall Bloke singing a song called "You're Boring", the tune of which is apparently played at the end of every acceptance speech, but which, as they proved, also has lyrics." The very tall bloke is the great, and very funny, Will Ferrell.

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