Tuesday, March 09, 2004

I want my MTV

As I mentioned recently, I've had a bit of a horror story with getting satellite TV installed. Starting with the installer showing up and discovering that the box in his truck was empty and he didn't have an actual dish with him, to our dish being stolen off our roof, to finding out that the retailer had signed us up for a different contract than he had initially offered. The list goes on ad nauseum.

Yesterday evening the story had come to its long awaited conclusion. The stolen dish was replaced, the retailer finished the wiring, and the contract issues were resolved. But like Michael Myers, laying motionless and ostensibly broken on the lawn, by the time I run down stairs to confirm that he is dead, the body is gone. (Cue scary electronic music.)

Dish Network and Viacom are in a contract dispute with the result that on the very night I get my TV viewing back, my daughter is deprived of MTV (which matters to her), and I won't be able to see John Stewart or CSI (yes, liberal and middle-aged, that's me).

Murphy, why must you always be right?

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