Monday, October 06, 2003

Random Thoughts and Recommendations

"Mongo just pawn in game of life"
Could Mel Brook's make Blazing Saddles today? Profuse use of the N-Word (spoken by white people), rape jokes, and cruelty to animals. I think Mel would have a hard time doing this today, but gosh it's a funny movie.

The Gropenator
Watched Arnie's interview with Brokaw last night. His strategy seems to be to admit the general, deny the specifics, and promise that all will become clear if the voters will just wait until after the election. His campaign theme seems to be "Trust Me, I'm Arnold". Salon goes into more details here (subscription or day pass required).

Group f/64
KQED, the local PBS station aired a documentary last night called "The Roots of California Photography: The Monterey Legacy". Focusing mainly on the Weston Family and Ansel Adams, it was a pleasure from beginning to end. It is an older film from around 2000, narrated by Jack Lemmon, so I'm not sure if it is getting a wider distribution at this time, but by all means, check your local PBS listings. And if you purchase things on my recommendations, you can get it here from the University of California at Santa Cruz Extension (Click Here to Buy).

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