Thursday, October 09, 2003

Oh Really!

Al Franken and the Fox/O'Reilly dustup has been one of my pet subjects here at Futurballa (when I'm not ranting about the recall, which is thankfully over, or giving my semi-educated opinions on photography and art). So you can imagine my delight when I heard that Bill O had a major meltdown on NPR's Fresh Air.

Of course I went to NPR's web site and listened to the whole 40 minutes. The meltdown doesn't really happen until the last few minutes, but it was building throughout, so I recommend you listen to the whole thing.

Ever curious, I tuned into the "No Spin Zone" last night to hear what Bill had to say. He actually played a fair bit of his rant and claims to have made the entire broadcast available on his web site. Somehow in his world he gave Terry Gross a well deserved what for. Sorry Bill, in my world, you just made a fool of yourself.

Over at the cabal shares their take on Bill's appearance and gives a bit of the Al Franken interview that preceded Bill's visit to Fresh Air. Al tells the funniest Gene Simmons story. "I Kick Your Ass."

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