Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Elsewhere in Politics

In light of the Wilson/Plame affair, Eric Alterman revisits the 16 words and finds 160,000, as well as a few choice words for Robert Novak. Click here.

The left side of the blogosphere is all over the Rush Limbaugh story (link via the Horse). It is a case where schadenfreude seems justified. Note to ESPN, this is the guy who told someone who sounded like they might be African American, "take that bone out of your nose". What did you really expect?

Wander over to This Modern World, no permalinks, just too many good postings. Referring to the Fox commentator's attempts to spin the Wilson story back to the dems, Tom writes, "Meanwhile, on Hannity & Colmes, Hannity is chastising Democrats because they did not show this level of outrage when Kathleen Willey's personal information was released. Given the quote above, this transparent attempt to change the subject and downplay the seriousness of this issue can only lead one to conclude that Hannity is objectively pro-treason." Hmmm, releasing information on someone who is spreading malicious stories about sex, or breaking federal law and endangering the life of a covert operative along with her contacts and assets. Sorry Sean, no matter how much you dislike Clinton, it's not the same thing.

Go Giants!

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