Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Wholly Without Merit

A couple of must reads at Salon this morning.

An excellent and entertaining interview with Al Franken. No excerpts because it is totally worth reading the whole thing.

Robert Scheer makes my point.

"Even if one accepts the false assumption of the recall -- that California's governor, reelected by a clear majority less than a year ago, is suddenly unfit to govern -- then the logical and fair alternative is to replace him with the lieutenant governor, who was selected by the voters for just that purpose."

Via Joe Conason's Journal is this link to Fox's new logo (at least as proposed by Mr. Conason, scroll down towards the bottom).

The NYT reports that the Alabama 10 Commandments monument was removed this morning, ending(?) several weeks of legal wrangling. As a person of the Hebrew persuasion, and being of the people that came up with the big 10 in the first place, hasn't anyone thought of the irony of this monument gaining so much significance to its supporters and the text of the second commandment.

Don't have much to do during the month of December?

And finally, we expect that our favorite Fool will be returning from a well deserved romp with Mrs. Fool today. Be sure to check him out.


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