Thursday, August 28, 2003

Flash from my misspent past

Back in the 80s I was hitting the clubs and doing the party scene in LA with my good chum Ian. At the time he was dating a girl who we had gone to college with us. She was busy forming a girl band, because if the GoGos could do it...

They had their day in the sun, and we trooped along to clubs lugging instruments and amps while acting strangely during their performances. My friend decided he didn't want to be a groupy and moved on to a successful life working in his chosen field and later having two great kids. The band had a few hits and, as far as I knew, faded into whatever place 2 or 3 hit wonders fade into. The girlfriend had a solo album, married a movie director and got to sing at the Oscars.

Well to my surprise, I heard a plug on KFOG for a local appearance by the Bangles. After I recovered from the shock, I took a look on Google and found out they have a website and an album and bios that have birthdays, but lack birth years, and tastefully airbrushed publicity shots, and best of all an interview with Susanna Hoffs and Rodney Bingenheimer (who was an LA celebrity for no particular reason besides being and LA celbrity).

Their tour diary seems to indicate that, unsurprisingly, they have been touring Japan. Wonder if they cover Sex Farm?

Long time gone, but Futurballa wishes them the best of luck with their tour and album.


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