Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Save the Liver

I recently attended a "knife skills" class at a local Sur La Table. Sadly the focus of the class was on safety and not on lightening fast mincing and chopping.

Some useful things I did learn:

  • How to peel a melon. Family members will actually eat them if they are cut up into bite size pieces in the fridge.

  • The most useless cut in the world is a brunoise, which is a mince producing bits of carrot or potato the size of small grains of rice. Good only for a Vichyssoise.

  • If you are slicing onions thinly, slice from the side of the onion. Much more visually appealing results.

  • Always dry your herbs in a salad spinner before mincing. This avoids that molten mush of green slime that collects on your knife and cutting board.

  • And finally, always remember to tuck your fingers under when holding the vegetables and choke up on the knife.

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