Monday, September 11, 2006

Dog Heaven

Today is the seventh wedding anniversary. The wife and I spent Saturday in Carmel by the Sea. Carmel is one of our favorite day trips. We honeymooned in nearby Pacific Grove and we manage to get down there a few times a year. It is only a bit more than an hour south of San Jose and the drive (depending on which route you choose) takes you through Salinas (birthplace of John Steinbeck), Castroville (the Artichoke Capital of the world), Monterey, the aforementioned Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach and the famous 17 mile drive.

Since Pepper has joined our family about 18 months ago, Carmel has become even more of a must do outing. Carmel by the Sea is the most dog-friendly town in all of California. The local beach allows dogs off leash, and shops welcome you to browse with your dog and often have a bowl of water and free milkbones available. And one of our favorite restaurants, The Forge in the Forest has an outdoor seating area especially for customers who bring their canines and a doggie menu. Pepper likes the Quarter Hounder.

Here are a couple of pix of Pepper enjoying the beach and a shot along the beach towards Pebble Beach.


  1. Happy Anniversary, you ol' Futurist you, and all the best to yer missus.

    I assume Pepper's display of Dynamism in that first photo is a tribute to your blog's namesake?

  2. bridget12:49 PM

    Happy Anniversary dear friends. I can't think of a better place than Carmel by the Sea to remember your weddding. Much Love

  3. Happy anniversary! My husband and I visited Carmel many years ago and it was beyond magnificent. We must get back there one of these days.
    Mad Kane