Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A leaf of all colors plays a golden-string fiddle

I'm considering going back to actual blogging. Of course we would still include pictures, but maybe actually write something (hopefully) of interest from time to time. What think you, gentle readers, who I have culled to a lonely few?


  1. First, I am obliged to confess my embarrassing ignorance: I had to cheat by using Google to pin down the source of your title.

    Second, you know what I'll say in reply to your question: Of course you should get back to at least occasional written-word blogging. We, your gentle readers, may be few but we can't be 'readers' at all if we aren't given anything to read. That's logic.

  2. Boy there is sure a bunch of sites. I just started doing some checking around for ideas on my new site and have been really overwhelmed with all of the variables. Color schemes, layout, etc. I might start a blog to and I like the layout of this one. Anyway, thanks for the ideas and if you feel like it you can look at my site too. chimney cap wood stove