Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Henry Cowell

Up Highway 17 from San Jose in Felton, about a half hour's drive, is this oasis of old growth redwood with miles of trails.

Henry Cowell was a limestone magnate, rancher, landowner and not to be confused with the composer (though they were contemporaries). His family donated much of the land that comprises the State Park, and the location of the University of California at Santa Cruz was formerly the Cowell Ranch.

Being so close to San Jose, Henry Cowell is a wonderful place to have a walk in the woods when you don't have a lot of time. And when out of town visitors come by, it is a great way to introduce them to the redwood forests.


  1. There you go, channeling Ansel Adams again.

    With its dramatic lighting, this one reminds me of the enormous forest set that was built on the former "007" soundstage for the filming of Ridley Scott's "Legend." That set's about the best thing in the movie, and only occasionally looks as good as this. There's no substitute for the real thing, is there?

  2. Anonymous9:24 PM

    Beautiful composition... Very serene and bucolic... Very good choice of B&W.


  3. This photo reminds me of times I spent in California. Yosemite, and the Muir Woods. I love that part of the country and the photo is beautiful.
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