Monday, December 06, 2004

Send Me No Roses

There are few things that you can be certain of in life. Death, taxes, the corned beef at Canter's, but let me add a couple. It's hard being a Giant's fan or a Cal supporter.

After the Giants made it all the way to the series, only to choke against the Angels, and then fail to make the playoffs on the coattails of another NL MVP season by Barry (and don't talk to me about BALCO), now it is the turn of my Cal Bears to get the proverbial shaft.

Read about it here.

Good grief, Charlie Brown.

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  1. A sad, sad story, the snubbing of our beloved Golden Bears.

    I was so looking forward to a possible Rose Bowl matchup between Michigan (my dad's alma mater) and Cal (my own). Heck, it would even have been a proper Big 10 - Pac 10 game, which is what the Rose Bowl is supposed to be about.

    The last time the Bears came within sniffing distance of the Rose Bowl game was 1974, my first year at Cal (and just ahead of your time there, you young upstart), when Steve Bartkowski had his fine senior year, leading to his being picked #1 in the following NFL draft. We came Thiiiis Close in '74, only to be thwarted, as I recall, by the outcome of the USC-UCLA game.

    There just ain't no justice, man. All the same: "Go Bears!"