Thursday, December 16, 2004

Battle for Earthsea

Author, Ursula K. Le Guin speaks out at Slate on the shoddy treatment of her Earthsea books by the SciFi channel. She writes,
They then sent me several versions of the script—and told me that shooting had already begun. I had been cut out of the process. And just as quickly, race, which had been a crucial element, had been cut out of my stories. In the miniseries, Danny Glover is the only man of color among the main characters (although there are a few others among the spear-carriers). A far cry from the Earthsea I envisioned. When I looked over the script, I realized the producers had no understanding of what the books are about and no interest in finding out. All they intended was to use the name Earthsea, and some of the scenes from the books, in a generic McMagic movie with a meaningless plot based on sex and violence.
I loved these books as an adolescent, and it is a shame that they've been literally "whitewashed" for television consumption.

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