Thursday, January 15, 2004

The Man Behind dKos

If you look to your right, Ladies and Gentlemen, you will see a list of some sites I visit daily (mostly blogs and newzines), as well as some sites that are just worth having for the occasional reference, such as SFMoMa and Masters of Photography. Among the blogs there is a good selection of perceptive and entertaining culture bloggers, as well as a healthy dose of left leaning political bloggers.

One of the political bloggers that I make a daily visit to is The Daily Kos. Well, friend Kos is already a very popular guy, being second most linked to political blog behind Instapundit in the blogosphere ecosystem (third overall, the Bear is 2), but nonetheless this deserves congratulations. Kos has received an excellent write-up on SF Gate!

Read the whole thing here.

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