Thursday, August 02, 2012

Return of the Zombie Blog

Please Allow me to (Re)Introduce Myself

Back from a long hiatus.

After being away from blogging for a few years and having focused what little attention I have on shorter mediums, such as twitter, I've decided to resurrect Futurballa Blog as a wine blog.

My expertise is limited to what I like and what little I've learned and I definitely tend to focus my attention on the central coast. Specifically, Paso Robles, Santa Barbara County, Santa Cruz Mountains, with an occasional foray out of my comfort zone up to Sonoma.

Luckily for anyone who stumbles upon this blog, I have a good mentor in Mr. W, and continue to develop what bit of palate I may have. I'm not the world's worst photographer, so maybe a few wine country shots will make it up here as well, and who knows, maybe the occasional Restaurant review.

So what can you expect of me.
No scores, just opinions.
Love of wines that represent their varietal well. Pinots that imitate Syrahs are frowned upon in general, unless they taste like really good Syrahs, and then all bets are off. Jammy, brambly Zins. Big, complex, fun blends, whether Rhones or Bordeauxs, or in some cases Rhonedeauxs. Bright, crisp, sometimes bone dry, flinty whites. And you won't hear much praise for buttery, oaky California Chards. And food. Did I mention food?

Mahalo and à votre santé!