Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Today in Technology

Couple of interesting items that I've come across lately.

Epson is coming out with the 3800 Pro printer, which based on the specs, seems to offer the best aspects of their previous models along with some new features. I've been using the 2200 for the last couple of years and have had the opportunity to use the 2400 which offers achromatic black and white printing (by using 3 shades of black, you can create Black and White prints without any color cast). The big downside of both of these printers for me was the need to switch photo black and matte black cartridges depending on the paper type used and the small cartridges it used that required frequent changing. The 3800 offers achromatic printing along with two slots for pure black.

I've just replaced my trusty Canon s400 point and shoot. After lots of research I ended up with a Fuji e900. The perfect point and shoot does not exist, as far as I'm concerned. I want RAW files, high res, low noise, manual controls, well laid out menus and good ergonomics. I have all of these things in my Canon SLRs (20D and 5D), but Canon has actually downgraded some of their more advanced P&S cameras in the last couple of years discontinuing the S70 and removing raw from the upgrade to the G6, the G7. Panasonic is doing some great things in terms of controls, ergonomics, great glass, but the word on the street is that their sensors are particularly noisy.

So in the end I chose for the Fuji. Camera is available for under $300, has raw and a 9 megapixel sensor that gets great reviews. Downsides are; no buffer when shooting raw so write times are slow, raw hidden in a menu, not my favorite menu layout and some unusual control methods for manual modes. However, for the image quality and feature set at this price point, if you are looking for a point and shoot, this one is definitely worth consideration.

After I've had a chance to take some images, I'll report back.

Have a happy Thanksgiving.

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