Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Wayback Machine: 1968

I attended my daughter's college graduation from San Jose State University this Memorial Day Weekend and was honored to witness the presentation of honorary doctorates to John Carlos and Tommy Smith.

If those names don't ring a bell, the picture of them raising their black gloved fists from the podium at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City should. It is truly one of the most iconic images of the century. At the time extremely controversial and certainly brave in that turbulent year.

I was sitting behind the podium and somewhat far, but was able to grab a couple of snaps using a 70-200mm lens.


  1. Great photo! I didn't really know anything about these guys until there was some HBO special on them and other black radical athletes. Good stuff.

  2. Anonymous7:26 AM

    Congrats to your daughter!

    It's always cool to get shots of people or places that hold a place in history. I love that feeling.

    dawn (http://www.girl-inchoate.com/photos/)

  3. I agree - great shot!

  4. i too saw the HBO documentary. what is especially sad is the intense criticism both men took or "not to put politics and sports in the same field." they had no choice!!! they were screaming for help...only now (what 40 years later), do we see their pain. SHAME ON US!!!