Thursday, February 24, 2005


The New York Times has a roundup of 8 megapixel prosumer cameras. These lie somewhere between Digital SLRs and Point and Shoots, offering large LCD screens, decent optics and powerful zooms. Konica Minolta, Nikon, Olympus and Canon all have compelling offerings.

Apple may be poised to buy Tivo. Or at least that is how the headline at reads. Further reading seems to cast doubt on the likelihood of the acquisition. I'm a big Tivo fan, but it is pretty obvious that subscription services like this have a hard row to hoe.

Speaking of Apple. The Cupertino computer manufacturer just introduced 30 and 60 gb iPod Photos, which allow for storage of image files as well as music. In terms of size these are becoming interesting storage devices, along with there traditional use as a music player. Now when they can display Raw images on the thing, I may just add it to my wish list.

While we're in elsewhere mode, pal George had some interesting photography links recently. All photographers should print out the Rights of Photographers document. I myself have been questioned on several occasions by overzealous security guards.

Arts and Letters Daily has a good roundup of links to tributes and essays on the late Hunter S. Thompson.

And finally, just so you won't be disappointed, and remembering our motto here, "A day without a photograph, is like a day without orange juice."

Rolling Hills in Napa Valley


  1. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Another beauty. Stunning color and depth. Thanks for the mini-vacation!

  2. bridget1:43 PM

    That was me.

  3. Glad to see you acommenting.

  4. I am quite wary of those many cameras with small optics. They cram all those pixels together in a very small pixel areas (digital SLR have larger size detectors) and this result in much noisier images. If the lenses are not good enough, having too many pixels only means that you will blow out the imperfections in the optics. I think that the 6Mpix SLR cameras are right now the best compromise available and for smaller cameras I would not go above 4-5 Mpix.

    The new iPhoto does do RAW images; since the iPod photo uses the same software maybe it is already capable to display RAW?